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Calendar: Days and Months

Collect all kinds of calendar even if they are old to help out during the lesson. Use a real calendar to show the day and months of the year. The calendar helps understand numbers up to 31. Have them say their birthday and look up the date in the calendar and say what day it is on the present year. Have the students  identify the days of the week in the calendar and how many days . 

I made cards to help ordering the months of the year and the days of the week.  There are also abbreviation cards .  The cards help teach or review calendar vocabulary.

 Link :https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Calendar-resources-for-Elementary-English-Learners-1722495

Game: Go to Month.  Stick the cards on the wall in a random order. Bring a group of students to the middle of the room.

Teacher: January!  The students go  to the  January card and touch it and says the word. Continue with all the other months of the year, or days of the week.

Question and answer cards. Prepare the question cards in one colored paper and the answer cards which are the days and months in other colored paper.

Activity 1-You can place the question cards in a bag or facedown in a pile on your desk. Draw a question card and read it to the class. Have the children answer orally or write the answer on their notebooks.

Activity 2- Divide the class into groups . Tell the class that you are thinking of a word , day or month. Star giving some clues.
Teacher: the first letter is J and the last letter is Y.
The students look through the cards and guess the word. The first team to say : JULY, is the winner of a point. Continue with more words.

Students should learn the ordinal numbers for telling dates. Explain that the ordinal numbers are used to express order. Here is this game for connecting the ordinal number writing up to 31st.

Also use the ordinal numbers cards  to order the days and the month such as, 1st day of school is Monday, the first month is January.

Ask questions about dates, such as birthdays and have students  answer using ordinal numbers, but  stress the /th/ sounds in each number. Ask several learners their birthdays. A class helper can listen carefully and write the birthday of the student on the calendar using a colored marker. Do the same with the Holidays, the American or the local ones.

Explain how to write the date by writing the number of the month  (8), followed by a slash and the number of the day 8/25. Write the date on the board every class.

I made days of the week for Preschool students, but I guess they might work well for older students. You an use them to help them line up in order as a warm up game.

Pocket charts: I find them useful to review the calendar the whole school year.

 Got this worksheet at this site, www.worksheetfun.com
 Say a color for each day of the week.
Teacher: Monday is orange. Repeat with all days.  When all the students are done.
Say a day and the students say the color. Teacher: Wednesday. Students: red
Then say the color and the students say the day. Teacher: blue. Students: Friday.

I made some days of the week clips and used them on the worksheet.

 I found another worksheet at the Teachers Pay Teachers store. Her store  is Lita Lita, she´s a teacher from Spain.  I used it in a similar way as above.

Here are some great videos to include in your lesson planning: