sábado, 7 de febrero de 2015

Valentine´s Day Ideas for Elementary ELL

I created this game for my girls so they could match contractions. Get them for free, for a short period of time, there are more Valentine´s printables, including cards. Link:  

I have had this roll the dice game for years, I don´t know the author. Write me an email(ei98srl@gmail.com) and I can send the file. The file comes with the heart template that the students have to trace. Then, they play alone and start drawing as the dice directs  or play in pairs and see who is the first one to complete the Heart Person. 

 A nice book to make to review the structure  I love…..   www.graphicsfromthepond.com.au

And for Valentine´s Day vocabulary words, a trace activity:

The Teachers Pay Teachers Store has some great resources for free. Here are some of them. 

 Sight words are almost never included in any textbook.   These commonly used words should be  encouraged to memorize and automatically recognized. 
A fun crown for the structure I love….
A worksheet for teaching colors:

A cut and paste activity for verbs:

Never miss a Word Search.

Get more ideas  and free files for younger learners at my other blog: