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Easter for Elementary ELL

Easter small cards: play match the pairs of cards. Students will have to observe the cards  and concentrate.

Easter read and color book: have students construct meaning from the text and pictures. Then have them color only what indicates a color. The rest has to be blank.

Easter Pocket Chart: a wonderful resource to have in the class for those children who are kinesthetic learners. Children can work alone using the pocket chart. Explain to the children how the pocket chart works.

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Easter Egg book: This book can be easily made just by coloring the picture and tracing the phrases. It can also be made by coloring, cutting out and gluing the pictures onto each egg. The phrases are very easy to read. I punched a hole and placed a butterfly clip.

Easter Letter Tiles: have the students make the Easter words by using the letter tiles. Then, invite them to make new words by using each letter of the word.

Easter worksheets. Use them in a dynamic way having the students interact with each other as they complete them.

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