jueves, 9 de abril de 2015

Family Theme for Elementary ELL

Create as many opportunities to talk with all these ideas. Give correct feedback and encourage student´s  learning.

1. Flashcards  Activity 1: 
     Use them to introduce people.
Teacher: This is mother.  Her name is  Ann.
Students: This is mother.  Her name is  Ann.
Teacher: Who´s this?
Students: He´s father.
Teacher: What´s his name?
Students: His name is ____.

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2. Family Groups: Place the number 1 to 9 on the board and a complete family next or above each number.
Describe the family members characteristics and the family members present in each family.
Teacher: This is the Thompson Family. The mother has red hair. The grandma has gray hair. There is a brother and a sister with red hair.
Student: Number three. ( continue with all the families)

    3.  Board Game. Divide the class into 2 or more teams. Have the first team player come to the front. Say a family member name and ask them to run to the board and write the word.  Give points accordingly. Repeat with all the family members.

4. Family Album: have students trace the family words in each album and make an album.

a. This template has only the pictures and the words have to be cut and paste in the corresponding place. I made into an accordion book.

 b. This one is with the vocabulary words ( can be traced), the pictures have to be cut and glued in place.  Then, create a step album. The step album is included in the file.

 c. The template is with pictures and words in dotted font to be traced. I created an 8 tab fold book.

5.  family Worksheets: review of shapes, animals, parts of the face . 

6. Family write on cards.I made them with 2 different kinds of font.  I placed them inside plastic sheet covers and cut them in half and had the children write with dry erase markers, so they can be used again. 

7. Book: a short book to have students read by themselves.

8. Pocket charts: they can be displayed on the bulletin board, a wall, or shelf, at an appropiate height that can be accesible to the student´s hands. Store the sentence strips in a box or bag.

9. Letters: Some letters to create family vocabulary words to review spelling in a fun way.

10. Family Domino: I used pictures and words instead of the black dots. It will reinforce vocabulary.

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