martes, 11 de agosto de 2015


The shapes and feelings book: here´s a book to review shapes and colors. Students will fill in the blanks with a feelings word and draw the mouth expression accordingly. There´s another version where students will also fill in the shape word. Get it !


The family and feelings book: students will review family members as they draw the mouth expression and write the feeling. This is also included in the family blog post and TPT unit.

Feelings Clip Board: use it in your literacy center for active learning. Students can independently put the clip word corresponding to the picture. They can practice the new words and solve the problem at his/her own pace.

Monsters Feeling Book: There´s a colored version to be used a reader. There´s a second version to be used a coloring book. Students have to read in order to color the monster by reviewing facial parts and colors. It will give children the opportunity to practice coloring inside the lines with patience and improving motor skills. Students will have to focus on each part of the face. I included puppets to along to identify emotions and name them.

Word wall: Display the pictures and words on the wall or bulletin board. Use it before, after or during reading or writing activities. It can be used individually, small groups or the whole class as a permanent reference to the new words creating a rich print environment.

Trace the word cards: children learn to read  and spell faster when they write with their hand. The benefit with extend beyond the childhood years by preventing writing difficulties in the future.

Pocket chart: this activity teaches sight words and vocabulary. I use a commercially made pocket chart and make all the cards in the same format so you can mix them accordingly to your class. The pocket charts are not used enough in the English class, in most Latin countries they are not even available. If you make one I´d love to see it.

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