viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015

Birthday, Numbers and Plurals

Flashcard activity 1:  Stand 10 students in front of the class. Hand in the number flashcards in order. Stand behind a student.
Teacher: What number is this ?
Students: three.
Teacher: What number is before 3 ? ( stand behind flashcard number 2)
Students: two.
Teacher: What number is after 3 ? ( stand behind flashcard number 4)

Students: four.
Print the flashcards and the letter templates for the bottle caps, they are free!

Flashcard activity 2:  Stand 10 students in front of the class. Hand in the number flashcards in random order.
Write the colors on the board in columns: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink,  brown, black and white.
Say a number and the student stand under the color word.
Teacher: five.
Students: purple. (student stands under his/her color)

Number trace cards: build math ideas and make connections  in English and integrate it to your lesson plan.

Pocket Charts: place the new vocabulary words in the pocket chart and have students make a sentence with each one.
Choose a color word, a number and a birthday item for a row in the pocket. 
Have students say a sentence, write it and draw it.
Use the pocket as a whole class instruction or small groups.

Cutouts are versatile for language practice. Here are some ideas.

Place the birthday cutouts on the board.
Teacher: They are gifts.
Students: They are gifts. (Point to the gifts) Use the plural S wand.

Repeat naming other objects at random.
Write the sentence on the board. 
They are gifts. Erase the letter a and write an apostrophe in a colored chalk or marker. They´re gifts.

Teacher: They are not cakes.(pointing to the gifts)
Erase the letter o and write an apostrophe with a colored chalk or maker.
Teacher: They aren´t cakes.

If you have bought my toys theme there are the kites with the contractions.

Ask questions:
Teacher: Are they balloons?
Students: Yes, they are.
Teacher: Are they candies?
Students: No, they aren´t.

I created a set of plural wands to teach the plural rules.
Use the plural wands to explain the plural of the nouns rules.
You can either print them out in color, or black and white and then color them.
 I made mine out of fun foam and attached a barbecue stick to the back.

When students go to their text books, have them circle each plural word in a color and them color every s, es, ves, ies in them.

I made plural pockets as some ideas I saw on Pinterest.

I used the most common words found on the books that we work with.

I taped straw to the back of each word. You can use craft sticks as well. 

Children place the words in each pocket.  

Match cards are proven success as a supplementary activity, vary the games as much as you need to suit your class. Use it to review all the plural rules in a fun way

Here´s a Birthday book with many pages so you can build up your own for your specific class. Use the book for read aloud in class. Introduce the book to the class, show the cover and examine the illustrations as a picture walk through. Students should tell you that the book is about a party. They should be able to recognize the pictures. As they are related to the vocabulary it will be easier for them to do listening and then reading comprehension

Birthday worksheets are for practicing.  I made a set with a worksheet on one page and made another set with 2 and 4 in one page. 
You can use them for homework or for assessment.
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