domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2015

Christmas Activities for Elementary ELL

Krasner (1999) recognized the necessity for language learners to develop not only linguistic competence but also an awareness of the culturally-appropriate features of the language.

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I made a coloring and writing book for Christmas.

Engage your students into tracing these words with this foldable book.                   It is fun to make involving tracing, cutting and pasting. 
There are many cards to choose from. Then glue it onto the Elf hat.

This image gives you a better view.

Just label the Christmas characters. Give students practice in their reading and writing process. Being able to read vocabulary words are the foundation into being to read later on. I included clothes and body vocabulary.

 Card game: Hand in all the cards cut in half. Have the students order all the cards.

Or play a group game. Hand in all the half cards and at your signal have the students look around for the other half and stand next to each other to make a complete card. Make a stop sign and the winners are the students who managed to get together correctly.

And more cards. I made a color word match with lights, bows, bells and stockings.

Print the set of cards that you want to play with.  Cut the cards and place them on a pile in front of the players. Students will take turns drawing a card and reading the color word or saying the name of the picture including the color. If they read it right or say the word correctly, the player can keep it.  If not, the player will put in a can designated for the non - read or named cards. Play moves on to the next player on the right. Students will try to make a match with the word and picture. The students with the most matches will win.

 You can also make a file folder game like mine.

For this other set of cards create a  ribbon decoration. Hand in a ribbon to each student and have them  make a match of a word and a picture card to glue on the ribbon.  Decorate the bulletin board or a window. You can even use the cards for a pocket chart activity matching the cards.

Share this Christmas Preposition Book with the class as a read aloud. All the preposition are underlined: in, on, under, next to, in front of, behind, between. Discuss in class what a preposition meansAnd positional cards to use as flashcards to review prepositions

You can make the toilet paper tube puppets to show all the prepositions.  

And there are to games to wrap it up. 
A sentence association game  to match a sentence with a picture card and with the same cards, I made a file folder game to sort out all the prepositions.
Free file! But not for long:

And positional cards to use as flashcards to review prepositions.