viernes, 22 de enero de 2016

Alphabet Resources for ELL

                              Alphabet Workbook (Ten resources)

There aren´t many alphabet workbooks designed with the EFL learner in mind. In such a need for the school that I coordinate EFL Preschool, I created this multiuse resource.

Resource 1:  Alphabet Workbook. The school turned the resource into a workbook. Students can learn  the name and the sound of each letter.
 I listed three common words that begins with the letter.

Teacher: Point to letter A.
Teacher: Color Letter A yellow.
Teacher: point to the apple.
Teacher: Color the apple red.
Continue with the all the words.

Resource 2:  Flashcards. Cut out each flashcard and prepare an envelope for each letter. Use the flashcard label provided .


Resource 3: Make books. There are so many ways to create a fun book  to take home to practice the alphabet. Here are some examples and the files.

Accordion book. Make these eye-catching book with the students. The formats are provided.Glue together the paper strips to fold as an accordion.

Flap book. The flaps make it interesting as there bits to open and close and guess the word.  I made the flaps to open upward, but you can make them to open downwards or sideways. Make 3 flaps, one for each letter so the students can lift the flap to find the letter vocabulary words. 

Foldable book .

Spin book
Match book

Mini books. There´s another label for alphabet books

Petal book

Letter book. Use the same letter to  assemble the book.

Step book

Tab book

Resource 4: make a craft for each letter to reinforce letter names. Hang them up in your classroom. This file has been a best seller in my TPT store. Teacher have hung them up in their rooms, some have done them in class with the children. Many teachers have found them easy to assemble, but if there is a special request for any letter let me know.


Resource 5: awards. There are awards provided , as well.  You can use the awards as badges or send them home in a small frame made by the students.

Resource 6: posters. There´s a page in b/w and colored version to be used a poster to display in class for each letter. Place them on bulletin boards where students can see them often.  Have them name all the letters and words.

Resource 7: crafts. Master the fine motor skills with these fun activities. Encourage them to make creative decisions on how to assemble the crown, the pinwheel or the bracelet, many fun ideas will come up.

Resource 10: as classroom display, just glue the cards on a ribbon  and hang it.

Get the file here if you shop at this store.
I am sure that you will come up with more interesting ideas. Please post them at my Facebook Group: ESL/EFL Elementary Teachers and share with more teachers.