lunes, 22 de febrero de 2016

Birthday Theme, a little more.

To continue the Birthday theme, just a few resources.

Use the cupcake letter tiles to build the theme´s vocabulary words and review the ones from previous units. Each student of group of students can have a set of letters.
·        Children can line up the tiles in alphabetical order. Make it a contest.
Place the flashcards in a visible place and have students build the words.

Have children build new words in an allotted time. See which group has built the more correct words.

Creating their own books will develop a positive attitude towards reading. In the doing, it will involve that children will be motivated as they will own a book that they will be able to read at home. It will enhance their narrative skill by telling the story to their parents.

I designed the worksheets to make the activity fun and engaging as there many more things to do than just complete them. 

Some skills need to be review or your lesson planning is too short. Worksheets can be done at the students pace at their desks or in groups.

And some cute bear to wrap up the theme. Free!