lunes, 30 de enero de 2017

Clothes Resources for the ELementary ELL

It´s been a while since my last post here. I´ve been busy creating worksheets for my other  blog
( , many of them are still free. And when I started working on this theme it took me a while getting all the clipart to come up with the resources. I´ll be adding more ideas and activities often, so be sure to come back again.

Link to the resources:

How many?  Give each group of student clothes small flashcards in different colors and have them sort all the pieces.
Teacher: How many dresses ?
Students: six. Six dresses.

Then ask them to sort the clothes by color.
Teacher: How many red ?
Students: four.

Teacher: Which color has more clothes ?
Students: green and blue.
Teacher: Which color has less clothes ?
Students: white and black.

Then ask them to make patterns.
Teacher: green shoe, brown shoe, green sock, brown sock.
Teacher: red cap, red dress, pink cap, pink dress.

Alphabet. Review the alphabet by having the students say the starting letter for each clothing item.
Teacher: letter  B!
Students: B is for blouse. B is for boots.
Continue with all the other letters. Students can write all the letters and make a chart as in the example.

Sort by season. Talk to the students that there´s appropriate clothes for each weather.  Have them sort all the cutouts. Then, write each season and all the clothes that are worn on each one.

Sort by family members.  Also have the students tell you the clothes that each family member wears. Also discuss which can be used by the same family members, make a Venn Diagram.
Teacher: Look at the dress.  Whose dress  is it ?
Students: It´s Mommy´s dress.

Sort by gender.

Sort by Singular and Plural. It is and They are.

What is he/she wearing ? I created 640 flashcards to use for this theme.

Show a flashcard and start asking questions:
Teacher: What is this ?
Students: A dress.
Teacher: What color is the dress ?
Students: green.
Teacher: She is wearing a green dress.
Continue with the rest of the clothes.

Ask more questions:
Teacher: Is she wearing pants?
Students: No, she isn´t.
Teacher: Is wearing brown sandals?
Students: Yes, she is.
Hand in flashcards to all the students and have them write a text relate to what the person is wearing.
He is wearing a black jacket, a red and blue t-shirt, blue jeans, brown belt and brown shoes.

Hand in another flashcard and have the students write questions that can be answer in a yes or no form.
Is she wearing a blouse ?
Is she wearing a pink dress ?
Are her shoes purple ?
Is she wearing a hat or a scarf on her head ?

Describing clothes using adjectives. Draw a t-shirt on the board. Draw some stripes with colored chalk or markers. Then write stripped. Continue with dots, floral, zebra, leopard, army, plaid and many more. Use the clothes flashcards to show the printed clothes. Ask questions.

Teacher: What pattern does his pants have ?
Students: His pants are camouflage.
Sort the flashcards using adjectives. Here are some examples.

    Hand in two flashcards to each student. Have them stand up as you ask questions.
Teacher: Who has a dress ?  ( all the students that have a flashcard with a dress will stand up.)
Teacher: Who has a pink dress ?  ( all the students that have a flashcard with a pink dress will continue standing up and the others will sit down.)

Display several flashcards on the board. Give them an allotted time to write sentences related to each one.  Ask a student to read their sentences, all the other students that have the exact same one, should tick the sentence. Ask more students to read their sentences. The student with more sentences ticked is the winner.

Use the flashcards to label the clothes. You can place them in a cover sheet and have the students use white board markers, or place them on the board and have the students label them.

I have a fashion catalog for free at my  store:
But I made a new and better version. It´s just a cut and paste from magazines and students can be able to write a short description for each.

And prepositions are always used related to clothes. I got four furniture clip art and several clothes cutouts.

Teacher: Who´s this ?
Students: It´s Daddy.
Teacher: This is Daddy´s closet. Look what is in Daddy´s closet.
Students: pants, sweater and a belt.
Teacher: There are pants, a sweater and a belt in Daddy´s closet.