miércoles, 17 de enero de 2018

Valentine´s Day Resources and ideas for ESL-ELL teachers

First of all I made flashcards. I know that you will find many ways to use them. I made the one flashcard per page version, another version that has two flashcards per page and one more that is 8 flashcards in a page. That is a lot to choose from.

Idea 1: Place all the flashcards on the board. Ask the students to sort them by food, things and people.
Then ask them to write an adjective next to each word.

Idea 2: A cheap idea for Bingo! Just place all the flashcards on the board. Tell the students to write five or more words from the board on their notebooks.  Have the words written on small pieces of paper and put them into a bag. Have a student be the helper and pull out a piece of paper with the word on it and read it to the class. Place a check mark next to each word read. If the student has the word written down he/she must cross it. The first student to cross out all the word calls BINGO!

I have seen lots of lap books but instead I created a game folder.

It has basically three resources that can be glued inside the folder. I used CD envelopes because of the transparent window. It has a board game, a Mini book and small flashcards.

I made some decorations for the folder.

The mini book is for the students to color as they read and then put it together as a book to take home and read to the parents. It has tracer sentences.

 I also made a teacher´s version of the mini book as a class reader.

 Students can look at the pictures for a clue as you read. Ask the students, which is the most common word in the reading, and what is most common color. Do echo reading, as you have students repeat after you and point out in their own mini books.

A cute board to play as many times as the students want. 

The game pieces are from the cute clip I bought. I had to include all of these animals. I used clip binders to make the pieces stand and they are easy to store.

This last resource can be used as worksheets, mini flashcards or create a mini dictionary. Students can play some games by themselves or in small groups. Here are ideas:

Game 1: The tower game. Students take a card out of the envelope and say the word and start building a tower by placing one on top of another. All the words that he can´t read have to be put aside. Students can play together by building a bigger tower with all their cards.
Game 2. Order the flashcards. Hand in a small of several flashcards and have the students order them accordingly.
Game 3. Guess the flashcard. Have several flashcards in your hand. Students should display all their flashcards on their desk. Start by describing a flashcard without showing it to the class.
Teacher: I can eat it. It is delicious. It can be brown or white. It comes in a box or in a package.
Students have to guess and turn around that card on their desks. Then, show the card to the class. Students see if they guessed or not.

miércoles, 10 de enero de 2018

Commands, Classroom Expressions and Language

Years ago I created several Commands Flashcards. Here´s the blog post with ideas and activities:

It has been a good seller in my store. A teacher asked me to put 4 flashcards in one page and that is a wonderful idea. I reviewed the flashcards and added new ones. There are 124 in total.

The product is here:

Here are a few ideas to use them.

Idea 1: 
Bring in two students to the front. Read a flashcard to them. Show the flashcard to the class, and ask the two students to mime.  The first student to do the gesture right is the winner. The class will be the judge.
Idea 2:
Place several cards on the board and have the students write them in a scrambled way on their notebooks and in a random order. When they have finished they have to exchange notebooks and have their partner unscramble the Commands.

lunes, 11 de diciembre de 2017

Christmas Flashcards

I know that ESL Teachers love flashcards. I made a new set with these clipart from Scrappin Doodles.

Here´s the link:  

Flashcards activity 1. Place selected flashcards on the board and hand in the scrabble letters to the students and have them make crosswords with the letters on their tables.

Flashcards activity 2. Have the students write each word under the  flashcard using the scrabble letters.
Flashcards activity 3. Place the flashcards around the room. Have the students find them as you ask questions.
Teacher: Where is the gift?
Students: Here ! It is on the chair.
Flashcard activity 4. Make a grid on the board with random flashcards. Ask questions.
Teacher: Find B3. Who is B3?
Students: He is Rudolf.

Then ask students to make sentences that relate to make a short  Christmas Story. Write an example and have it ready to read to the class.

Teacher: Joseph and Mary are in the stable. The Angel is at the stable, too. She is drinking cocoa. The reindeer likes cocoa. The Shepherd came to see Baby Jesus, but Rudolf was at the stable. The Elf Girl came with the Gingerbread and The Gingerbread House. Poinsettias were in the sack with many presents.

Well, I invented this story. You can use it, but I am not that good at writing, LOL!!

Flashcards are great for speaking, listening and a writing activity can be included. But I made a Picture Dictionary for Reading and Vocabulary Practice. It has 5 pages and it can be done in groups and then bind it.

sábado, 11 de noviembre de 2017

Christmas and Family Theme

Christmas is about family. I made a family album in which students trace the words, there is one with mom and dad and another with mother and father.
The resources are here:https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Christmas-and-family-Theme-for-ESLEFLELL-3486997
And students can make portraits like mine with craft sticks. You can make your own set and use them as flashcards.
Teacher: Who is this ?
Students: He is Brother !

The album can be turned into stick puppets.

And some Flashcards to review family members. But they can work for extra practice for prepositions. This time I printed them on cardboard and glued a big clothespin to make them stand.

Start with easy ones. The clips helps to attach one another.                                        
                         Teacher: Where is Brother ?
Students: Brother is on the stocking.

But any prepositions can be done using the clothespin.

Puzzles ! They are wonderful for preschool but they are useful for Elementary grades. Hand in a piece randomly to all the students. At your signal ask them to look around for other classmates that can complete their puzzle. Have a complete puzzle on a designated table. When the four students that make the  puzzle run to the assigned table and assemble the puzzle,they call to be first and win.

Pocket charts are good to review sentences or for the students to make their own sentences.
Students make a family tree but on the house.

Worksheets! Have the students color the worksheets as you say.
Teacher: Look at mother! Her hair is black. Her hat is green and white. Her dress is green. 
Have the students cut all the cards and play some games.

Teacher: Place your cards in order as I say.
Mom, cat, sister, reindeer.
Then have them cut the word out of each card and make a puzzle to put together on their notebooks.
I added some cards to match to the worksheets.