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Town Flashcards for ELL

Town Flashcards
I made 190 flashcards for the Town theme and included places, community, stores, land features, neighborhood, places for leisure activities. And here are several ideas to promote speaking using flashcards.

Flashcards 1. This and That. Use the point finger to introduce this and that.
Teacher: This is a bank. That is the cinema.
Hand in the point finger and using more flashcards, have the students say the sentences.

Flashcards 2. Drill. Nominate an individual student to be the driller. The class or the group members have to read each flashcard.
Give the flashcards at individual students.
Teacher: Where are you ?
Student: I am at the police station. ( shows the card)This is the police station.
Flashcards 3. Go to. Place a flashcard on each seat or desk.

Teacher: Kim, Go to the hospital.
Teacher: Pam, run to the police station.

Flashcards 4. Name more. Place several flashcards and have students name a place in your town or city. Write the place under each flashcard. Have the students make another list with more flashcards. Here I wrote examples of my hometown.

Flashcards 5. Sort the flashcards by buildings, stores, work places,nature.

Flashcards 6. Let´s go ! Have the students make sentences using Let´s go to.
Teacher: Let´s go to the museum!
Students: Let´s go to the park !

Flashcards 7. There is ,  Guess game . Have 5 students come to the front and give a flashcard to each one and don´t let them show the flashcards to the class, but they do have to know what flashcards are playing. The class has to guess the buildings in town.
Students: Is there a library?
Student in the front: Yes, there is. (shows the card)
Students: Is there a museum?
Student in the front: No, there isn´t.
Flashcards. There are. Place several town flashcards on the board. Have a student come up one at a time and draw as you say. The students will draw the scene on their notebooks and write the sentences.

Teacher: There are two cars at the post office. There are four flowers at the restaurant. There are three giraffes at the zoo.

Flashcards 8.  Where is the family? I added a set of family flashcards to make sentences with the town flashcards.
Teacher: Where is Mother ?
Students: Mother is in the shoe store.

Or, you place more place flashcards and tell students where the family members are and have them attach the corresponding flashcard.
Teacher: Father is in the restaurant.

Flashcards 9. Where?. Place several flashcards on the board.  Draw Main Street and start asking questions.
Teacher: Excuse me, ts: It is on Main Street, between the fire station and the library.
Teacher: Where is the library ?
Students: It is on Main Street, next to the hospital.

Flashcards 10. On the left, on the right. Draw the street and arrows, place a flashcard on the right and another on the left.

Teacher: The bus station is on the right. The beauty salon is on the left.
Have students write questions to ask you about your street.
Student: Is there a bus stop ?
Teacher: No, there isn´t.

Flashcards 11. Where and what number? Place several flashcards on both sides of the road and add a write on each one.
Teacher: Where is the apartment building ?
Students: It´s on the right.
Teacher: What number is it ?
Students: It´s number 14.

Flashcards 12. At the corner of. Draw a street intersection, if it is a known one of your town the better. Add the flashcards.
Teacher: The school is at the corner of First Avenue and Main Street.

Have the students draw more examples and write the sentences. Then dictate to a student that will go to the board and place the flashcards.

Flashcards 13. Draw a street on the board. Give a set of flashcards to several students. Have them place the cards in the correct position on the street. Give them a written text where the cards should go. The students have to discuss how to place them.

The shoe store is on Main Street. The clothing store is next to the shoe store.The Hotel is next to the shoe store. The shoe store is between the clothing store and the Hotel. The bowling alley is across the street. The planetarium is next to the bowling alley.

I have more for the Town Theme! Follow me…!

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ESL Weather and Action Verbs

Tell students that depending on the weather there are things that they can do or not.

Teacher: What is he doing ?

Students: He is playing golf.
Teacher: Is it sunny or windy ?
Students: It´s sunny.

Flashcards 1. The students can sort the flashcards for the activities that can be done in each Season or Weather.

Teacher: Can you drive in the Winter ?
Students: Yes, you can.
Teacher: Can you drive in the Summer?
Students: Yes, you can.

Flashcards 2. Let´s! Place the flashcards on the board and introduce sentences with Let´s.
Teacher: Let´s ski in the snow.

Students: Let´s walk in the snow.

Game board.  Place a flashcard and the game board model on the board to make examples for playing.

Teacher: He is playing baseball. It is rainy. (because I landed on the rainy spot) Can He play baseball ?
Students: No, he can´t.
Then, the student can´t move for next turn.
Another example. Teacher: He is playing baseball. It is partly cloudy.  Can he play baseball?
Students: Yes, he can. (The player can move for next turn)

Think of verbs. Give the students the template for each weather and have them think of verbs related to each weather and write them. Hang the weather verbs! Or students can paste them on their notebooks and write sentences with the verbs.
Another writing activity. Hand in  the templates to the students. They glue it on their notebooks or posters, but glue only the top border, so they can complete the sentences with the verb.

A Verb Pictionary.  I have these cute frog clipart. The students cut the frog pictures and glue when they belong. The students color the letters of each word. Bind it all and make an actual Pictionary.

 Follow me! I still  have one more thing to add to the weather theme.

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Weather around the world for ESL

I made a lot of flashcards from different countries around the world.

You can group the flashcards according to  the continents. I used America for my example. Check the real weather on internet before the activity or have them do it before the class. Have it ready. Link:

Flashcards 1. Sort the countries according to the weather.

Teacher: What ´s the weather in Jamaica?

Students: It´s warm. It´s partly cloudy.

Flashcards 2.
Teacher: In Brazil ,it is hot. And what about in Germany?
Students: It is cold in Germany.

Do more examples.Teacher: There is snow in Estonia. Is it cold ?
Student: Yes, it is.
Teacher: What season is it ?
Students: It is Winter.

And here´s Argentina.

 I made a version for the students to look up the weather around the world on internet and make some posters.

 Students can talk about their poster.

Student: Today it is hot and sunny in Kenya and Chad. It is 37ºCelsius in Chad and 26º Celsius in Kenya.

I found this video, kind of nice.

Follow me, there is more for the weather theme.

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Weather and Clothes Themes for the ESL Learner

Flashcards 1. Place the people Flashcards on the board.

Have the children guess the weather. I wrote the numbers from 11 to 20 to practice them.
Teacher: What the weather like in Number 15?
Students: It´s cold and snowy.
Teacher: Is it snowy in number 18?
Students: No, it isn´t. It´s sunny and hot.

Flashcards 2. Place the weather flashcards on the board (rainy, sunny, windy, snowy).

Place the frog´s clothes on a desk.

Call on individual students to come and pick a piece of clothing, show it to the class, say the word and place it where it belongs according to the weather.

Student: raincoat! Rainy!

Flashcards 3. Weather and adjectives. Divide the board in two and write the words hot and cold. Place the sun flashcard on the hot side and a snowflake flashcards on the cold side. Have the students sort the frog´s clothes.

Then, dress up your frog for the hot or the cold weather.

Flashcards 4. Weather and seasons.
Show the students several flashcards and ask questions.
Teacher: Which season is it ?
Students: It´s winter.
Teacher: Yes! But, why? What is he wearing?
Students: He is wearing a hat a coat, pants, and boots.
Give the students the flashcards and have them sort the people according to the season.

Teacher: How is the weather in the Spring?
Students: It´s rainy.

Have the students sort the flashcards according to the weather.

eacher: What´s the weather like ?
Students: It´s cold.
Teacher: What is the boy wearing?
Students: He is wearing a hat, a jacket, mittens,pants and boots.
Have the students say what they wear for each weather.
Students: I wear a raincoat and boots on a rainy day.

Activity 1. After this practice, hand in the frog template to each student.

Have them color their frog by using only the 11 colors that we use in the class (and for the Bingo later) but only in one color each piece and dress the frog according to a specific weather.

Place the Weather flashcards (from the previous blog post) around the room. Students listen to the weather that you mention and walk with their frog and stand next to the flashcard.
Teacher: Winter frogs come here!
Then count together how many students are at each flashcard and have them say which weather has the most students.

Activity 2. Play frog Bingo! Since all the students have their frogs ready. Play Bingo.   Print and cut all the Bingo cards and place them in a bag or box and start calling out all the clothes:
Teacher: a red shirt!

Activity 3. Fashion Catalog. Since it is a favorite in my store I added it including more summer and winter clothes. Just print a page per student and have them look for clothes in magazines to cut and paste as in a catalog. Divide the whole class into 4 groups so one group will do the Winter Catalog, another the Summer one and then assign Fall and Spring. I´d love to see pictures of this if you do it.

Activity 4. Write the clothes words. Have the students write the clothes that are worn in each weather. You can hang them up in class.

I still have more for the weather theme, just follow me!