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St. Patrick´s Day

Teaching the language will eventually come with teaching the culture. Provide a variety of activities, because the information for St. Patrick´s might be new for most kids. It is important that you understand the context of this Holiday and what you want them to learn.

I made 2 books, one is for reading. Listening to stories read by you, the teacher, will help the students to read, write and talk better in the future.

Link to the resources: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/St-Patricks-Day-for-Elementary-learners-1763425

The other book  is for coloring. I made a bigger version for the teacher and a smaller for the students. Have them read each sentence and color only what it says. Children will learn to focus on details when coloring. It will help recognize colors.

Here´s a set of matching number/picture card and words. Games usually capture the student´s attention and encourage speaking .

- Memory
-Match the word and picture
- Play Who has it? Hand in a card to each player in the group. Name a word and the student who has it, stands up and says the word.
- Play Find and say. Place all the cards face up on the group´s table. Name a word or number. The first student to find it and say the word wins the card. The winner is the one with the most cards.

This craft can be great for classroom decoration. It also reviews the parts of the body and clothes. Go to www.dltk-kids.com. I made mine out of craft foam, but you can use construction paper.

Worksheets: they will work as a supplement to the activities, helping keep track of learning and understanding of the Holiday. Put students together in groups to finish the task.

Also visit my other blog: www.eflpreschoolteachers.blogspot.com for more ideas for younger students.
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