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Adjectives for Elementary ELL

Adjective Flashcards: I made a big collection of adjective flashcards. It wasn´t easy to classify them. I made 101 flashcards.  There are adjectives for people, things, feelings, size, time, weather, origin, quantity, taste, appearance, condition and more.  You might be using them according to your scope and sequence of your book series or for writing lessons.

Link to the files.
Show students the flashcards.
Teacher: Look at the girl. She is wearing a dress. It is big. Continue with shoes and suit.
Then compare the flashcards related to the tie, dress and skirt.
Activity 1 :  describe a flashcard only using an adjective. The children point to it and guess which one is it.
Teacher: long and big.
Students: purple dress.

Activity 2:  Write several adjectives on the board. Have the students place the flashcards under each adjective. Graph the results. You can do this by using pictures from magazines.
For extra practice. Students can classify   clothes from magazines and make new adjectives + clothes words combinations.
Up and down:
Have your students stand up and sit down as you show the flashcards or arrow cutouts. 
 You can also give instructions using their hands.
Teacher: Hands up !
Teacher: Hands down !
Teacher: Boys, Hands up. Girls, Hands down.
Then introduce left and right.
Teacher: Hands to the right!
Teacher: Hands to the left!

Activity 3: Bring 4 students to the front and give each one an instruction.
Teacher: Student 1, hand to the left. Student 2, hand to the right. Student 3, hands up. Student 4, hand down.

Activity 4: Place all the arrows in a row on the board and have the students stand under the arrow that has the instruction given by you.

Activity 5: Make a pattern. Ask 4 students to come to the front.  Give each one a command.
Point to student 1: hands up. Point to student 2: hands down. Point to student 3: hands up. Point to student 4: hands down.
Touch each students head and have the class say the command.
Create more patterns with hands to the left and hands to the right.

Play beanbag game. Make 2 beanbags. Place all the flashcards on the floor in random order and have students take turns throwing the 2 beanbags to the opposite adjectives

Open and close: use the children´s book. Have them open and close the book as you say it. Go to the door and/or window of the classroom. Open and close them.

Dirty and clean:  Show the flashcard.

Teacher: Who´s he ?
Students: a boy.
Teacher: Is he clean ?  
Students: No. He is dirty.

Flashcard Game: hand in a flashcard to each student. Have them stand in a circle  or two lines facing each other. When you give them a signal, they walk around looking for their opposite and stand together. When you signal to stop, the winners are the students that have stood together correctly.  Mix the flashcards again and play one more time.

Picture dictation:  Children listen and draw what you say.   This is John. He is tall. He is fat. He is young . He is strong. He has brown hair.

I made a set of 26 face cards. I included all the combination of hair and eye color, curly and straight, long and short hair, young and old. Have students describe each one using the physical appearance adjectives. There´s a number and a name on each one for identifying games purpose.

Another set of 48 cards displaying people.

Activity 6:  write all the hair color on the board and have students classify the cards.

 You can also classify the cards by tall, short, fat, thin.

I included some adjective label words. Place a people flashcard on the board and have the students find the correct labels. They can work with this on their tables.

 Finally, place all 48 cards on the board and describe a person. This is a good listening and speaking activity.
Teacher: She is tall and thin. She has short blond hair.
                            Students: Number 28. She is Pam.
                         Teacher: Number 10. He is Oz.
                         Students: He is tall and thin. He has long black hair.

Now , Using the same character, Mr. Big Nose. I created another book using adjectives.

I love craft sticks puppets even for the older kids. This is a classification game.

I cut the toilet paper tubes in half and taped a classification word.  I cut all the pictures and glued each one on a craft stick and also glued the word. But, you can glue only the picture and have the students find the word. Use the puppets in games such as finding the opposite. 

Follow me !