lunes, 26 de octubre de 2015

Halloween 2015

I looked up at old files and found some pictures to share.
Bat Necklace. I found the file at

I traced the pattern onto black construction paper with a white crayon. Then, punched a hole and added a yarn.
I used to subscribe to They have many printables. These bats  are so nice for hanging as a number sequence line using clothespins.

Bat word family. Got it at
 From the same website. I made the legs out of fun foam and used a plastic black plate instead of a paper plate.
And this alphabet web is from the same site, as well. I used a shoe lace for the weaving.
Do some fun math. Pumpkin addition. Another wonderful page. I made the numbers using bottle caps.

If you want any of the files, please write: I am preparing more Halloween resources.
Check my other blog post and find more resources: