sábado, 6 de febrero de 2016

Fruit and Vegetable Theme

I joined both themes, 4 fruit (apple,banana,pear,orange) and 4 veggies
( onion, carrot, potato,tomato).
Many ideas from my other blog for this unit can be used for speaking and listening activities.

Use this Domino Game to maintain the learner´s interest.

The cutouts help to create the contexts in which the vocabulary words become meaningful. The students will participate in a conversation by expressing information.
You can print all the puzzle pieces in 11 different colored construction paper. Place a fruit or vegetable on each color.

Teacher: Where is the onion ?
Student: It is on yellow.
Teacher: What is next to the onion ?
Student: a potato on blue.
Teacher: pear!
Student: on orange.

And for more practice of the vocabulary words ,a match game. Make it motivating.  Provide more language practice using the cards in speaking and listening. It can be a game played in pairs asking simple questions. Student 1 who asks the questions has to place the cards in a Yes pile or a No pile, then see how many cards are in each pile.

Student 1: Do you like bananas ? 
Student 2: Yes, I do/ No, I don´t.

And for reading and writing.
Make a print of the cards for each group in class. Have the children in the group shuffle all the cards and place them face down on the table. One student turns two cards and reads or says what is on each card. If the cards are a match, he/she keeps them. If not, the cards must be returned to the table. All students must play. When all the cards are gone from the table, the students have to write a sentence on their notebooks with the cards they have.

Encourage students to interact with the shopping lists. Print all the cutouts or have play food toys available in class. One group will be the shoppers and another will be the sellers. You can have many shops and many shoppers. Hand in each student a shopping list card and the other group the food, not all the food has to be available in all the shops.
The buyers have to go to shopping.

Student Shopper: Do you have tomatoes?
Student Seller: Yes, I do. Here!
Student Shopper: Do you have bananas ?
Student Seller: No, I don´t. Sorry! ( moves on to another shop)

I know that you are always looking for worksheets. Here are 6 of them. Worksheets are good for individual quiet time. Go around asking questions about the pictures. Use them to review written grammar points.  Do your own worksheets and place them on the board so the students can do self-check.

Remember to visit my other blog for more  resources and activities.