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Brunch (breakfast and Lunch) Theme

More food related blogging! 
It is a good idea to complete all your worksheets and bring in a model of the activity. Students will know what is expected from them to do.

Ws elementary 1:  Students read and color as indicated.
Grab some bottle caps and have children place them where you tell them.
Teacher: red bottle cap on the sandwich.
Finish the indications.
Teacher: Where is the blue bottle cap?
Students: On the milk.
Teacher: Where is the juice ?
Students: Under the green bottle cap.
Have them cut apart the cards and make up their own game, it can be memory, match, board game, etc.

Worksheet elementary 2:

And a worksheet can be turned into anything. I made a mobile!

Worksheet elementary 3: pizza shapes. More activities to do with a worksheet. Tell the children that they are going to complete the complete the pizza slice with some shapes (give them the shape template or have them make the shapes), But there are some rules.

Place the cards on a pocket chart or the board.  They can only color the shapes in the colors on the cards( red, blue, yellow, green, orange), they can only use the shapes on the worksheet and that there shouldn´t be more than 5 of each shape in the same color. 
 Have the children complete the worksheet. When finished, play BINGO!
Have the children get a marker or crayon in black, instruct them that when you name the shape with number and color , if they have it , it should be crossed out.
Teacher: Four green circles. (Use the cards to call out Bingo!)

Found a different kind of graph making on the newsletter of the
 I placed the graph paper horizontally inside a sheet protector. I tied yarn to each hole, so each child can place their own clothespin in their choice. The file will be free, the link is above.

Sort countable and uncountable food flashcards on the board. Students can do the same on their notebooks using the flashcard worksheet or from magazine cutouts.

Use the flashcards to introduce how to ask questions with countable and uncountable nouns.

 Draw a grid on the board and assign a number to each flashcard.

Have students write a sentence on their notebooks for each number. 
Review countable and uncountable nouns in a sentence.

Number 1: It´s a hot dog.
Number 2: It´s pizza.
Number 7: They´re hot dogs.

Teacher: Number 8 !
Students: It´s soup.
Teacher: Number 10!
Students: They´re sandwiches.

A book !

More resources, ideas and activities!